Tracy Moore is getting candid about her thoughts on the social media fitness community.  (Photo by Jeremy Chan/Getty Images)

Tracy Moore is getting candid about her thoughts on the social media fitness community. (Photo by Jeremy Chan/Getty Images)

Tracy Moore has some thoughts on the fitness world.

The 47-year-old posted a videos to Instagram on Thursday sharing her thoughts on what she sees online when she looks at fitness content. Taken in her bathroom around 4:30 am, the “Cityline” host explained that she’s learned to be happy with her body, but she’s unhappy the social media fitness community doesn’t reflect other body types.

“When I look at fitness on social media, I don’t see many people who look like me,” she began saying in her video. “I’ve got a belly, I’ve got some thighs — ooh, a rip in my leggings. But exercise for me these days is not so much about being super, super thin. It’s not going to happen. I’m 47 and I’m loving my body the

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Rap legend Drake has maintained a fit and toned physique his entire career. He has been working under trainer Jonny Roxx for the past few years, combining bodybuilding and cardio with a focus on all-round fitness.

With other stars like Conor McGregor and Chris Hemsworth grabbing the spotlight with their incredibly muscular physiques, Drake looks to be striving for a similar goal. On Tuesday, November 22, he was spotted going through an intense chest workout with IFBB Pro bodybuilder Mike Van Wyck.

Drake Breaks a Sweat with IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Mike Van Wyck

Drake’s latest workout session with van Wyck has created much buzz in the community and among his fans. Mike van Vyck pushed Drizzy’s limits in a sweat-drenched session at the Pure Muscle + Fitness Gym in Burlington, Canada. Together, they went through a series of exercises including the flat dumbbell press, pec deck, and the chest press

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In 2022, the Social Health Network partnered with several incredible patient leaders to create impactful social media campaigns. As part of this partnership, we want to highlight these amazing individuals’ advocacy work.

Tanya Freirich, Lupus Patient Leader

Tanya combines her passion as a registered dietician nutritionist with advocating for lupus. Navigating her own lupus diagnosis, she found that lifestyle and dietary changes helped her manage the disease. Tanya loves connecting with others in the lupus community and providing education about nutritional support. She enjoys engaging in various ways through writing, speaking, and social media.

Tanya says, “I hope to continue to reach the people that are interested in living better with lupus and help them!” Tanya advocates as The Lupus Dietician.

Instagram: @thelupusdietician
TikTok: @thelupusdietician

Devin Garlit, Multiple Sclerosis Patient Leader

Devin was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) when he was in

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As President Joe Biden noted in the steps of the White House when he proclaimed November National Diabetes Month, the disease — particularly Type 2 diabetes — is an American problem that isn’t going away.

According to statistics from the American Diabetes Association, nearly 5,000 people are diagnosed with Type 2 every day, adding up to 34 million Americans — about 1 in 10 — who are currently battling the disease.

“I call on all Americans to join in activities that raise diabetes awareness and help prevent, treat and manage this disease,” urged the president.

Or, in Jody’s case, reverse it.

* * *

merlin_2949723. jpg

Jody Reid, a mother of three who reversed her Type 2 diabetes through exercise and diet, right, runs with daughter Kaylyn, 13, during a fitness class at Roy CrossFit in Roy on Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2022.

Laura Seitz, Deseret News

Jody Reid is a 36-year-old mother

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For gadget lovers and make-up trend fanatics – you’ll love these 12 beauty Christmas Gifts Healthista has picked out especially to help you this Xmas 

We are less than a month away from Christmas and if your scrambling around looking for Christmas gifts with no luck, Healthista have found 12 of the top beauty gifts for this year.

Healthista are also putting together a gift guide for healthy Xmas gifts and sexy Xmas gifts – so stay tuned!

You’re bound to find some Christmas gifts inspiration here, or some inspiration to add to your own Christmas Gifts wish list. Good luck!

#1 Dr Sabrina Perfect Eyes, £150

Christmas gifts Dr Sabina

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Dr Sabrina Shah-Desai – the queen of eye rejuvenation – has launched her brightening Eye Serum and protective SPF.

Suitable for all skin types and containing active ingredients, it helps to reduce under eye pigmentation,

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