Get kids active early with family fitness

Do your kids understand how choices impact their health? Participating in regular physical activity is a great way to improve your physical health, mental health and social readiness.

But there’s more to it when it comes to making healthy decisions. Sanford Fit’s the learning platform separates the idea of ​​whole-body health into the four pillars of wellness that help your child develop lifelong healthy habits.

Body movement benefits

It’s no secret that regular physical activity is important for a healthy lifestyle and overall fitness. The benefits of movement fall under three categories:

  • Physical health
  • emotional health
  • School readiness

Physical activity improves strength, endurance, and bone and muscle health, along with many other benefits. Regular physical activity is also connected to less fatigue and better sleep.

If you’ve ever taken a walk outside when you feel stressed or anxious, you’ve likely experienced how movement boosts emotional health. Movement and physical activity increase the amount of mood-enhancing brain chemicals our bodies produce.

Learning, behavior, and cognitive abilities are all impacted by physical activity. Movement throughout the day can help your child focus better at school.

Making time to move many ways and many times throughout the day will set your kids on the path to realizing the benefits of regular physical activity. A good rule of thumb is to do some kind of physical activity for 10-15 minutes per hour. Go for a walk, stretch, or take a brain break with a fitBoost!

Making healthy choices

Sanford Fit simplifies decision-making with the cue, “Think fit. Get fit!”


  • Stop and think about your energy and mood. These influences can help or prevent you from making a healthy choice.
  • What can I do? What choices are best for my body and brain?

Be fit:

  • Make a healthy choice.
  • Reflect: How do I feel about my choice?

Empowering children with decision-making skills gives them the opportunity to experience making positive decisions and equips them to make healthy decisions in the future.

So remember: Think fit. Be fit! Stop and think about your energy and mood, then make a healthy choice.

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