In 2022, the Social Health Network partnered with several incredible patient leaders to create impactful social media campaigns. As part of this partnership, we want to highlight these amazing individuals’ advocacy work.

Tanya Freirich, Lupus Patient Leader

Tanya combines her passion as a registered dietician nutritionist with advocating for lupus. Navigating her own lupus diagnosis, she found that lifestyle and dietary changes helped her manage the disease. Tanya loves connecting with others in the lupus community and providing education about nutritional support. She enjoys engaging in various ways through writing, speaking, and social media.

Tanya says, “I hope to continue to reach the people that are interested in living better with lupus and help them!” Tanya advocates as The Lupus Dietician.

Instagram: @thelupusdietician
TikTok: @thelupusdietician

Devin Garlit, Multiple Sclerosis Patient Leader

Devin was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) when he was in

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For gadget lovers and make-up trend fanatics – you’ll love these 12 beauty Christmas Gifts Healthista has picked out especially to help you this Xmas 

We are less than a month away from Christmas and if your scrambling around looking for Christmas gifts with no luck, Healthista have found 12 of the top beauty gifts for this year.

Healthista are also putting together a gift guide for healthy Xmas gifts and sexy Xmas gifts – so stay tuned!

You’re bound to find some Christmas gifts inspiration here, or some inspiration to add to your own Christmas Gifts wish list. Good luck!

#1 Dr Sabrina Perfect Eyes, £150

Christmas gifts Dr Sabina

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Dr Sabrina Shah-Desai – the queen of eye rejuvenation – has launched her brightening Eye Serum and protective SPF.

Suitable for all skin types and containing active ingredients, it helps to reduce under eye pigmentation,

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Last minute healthy Christmas gift ideas for your health conscious friends and family. We’ve rounded up our top 11 favourites 

Healthista are here to save the day with Christmas gifts that will make even the Scroogiest family member crack a smile and that unbelievably hard to buy for friend will be singing your gift giving praises for days.

From luxury candles to cosy boots, we have rounded up 11 healthy gifts for the health conscious family members – you’re bound to find some Xmas pressie inspiration here.

Christmas Gift Ideas #1 Jurlique Christmas Soy Blend Candle, £20

jurlique christmas gift ideas

The best thing about this is that soy wax is not toxic, unlike the other conventional candles.

This version is inspired by the botanical scent of their farm in the Adelaide Hills to awaken your senses and elevate your space.

It would make the perfect stocking filler, infused with notes fresh citrus, pear,

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Weight gain, IBS and migraines could be caused by elevated cortisol levels. Nutritionist Kim Pearson explains why and what we can do to reduce stress

By now, most people have heard of cortisol and are perhaps aware that it’s connected to stress.

For those who still aren’t sure, cortisol is the body’s main stress hormones and is released by the adrenal glands (which sit on top of the kidneys).

Cortisol helps our body to adapt to a variety of stressful situations. It’s involved in a wide range of different processes throughout the body such as, regulating our metabolism, suppressing inflammation and helping to regulate our sleep-wake cycle.

some types of stress are prolonged and have a negative impact on the body

Any stressors can influence your body’s release of cortisol – these can be emotional, mental or physical.

Some stress, like exercise, is good for you. It’s temporary, unlike prolonged

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Colds, coughs and aching muscles – flu season is here and don’t we all know it? Well Actually’s external expert, Katrina Cepinova reveals 5 immune boosting tips to see you through this winter and beyond

Our immunity is like our personal army of body guards. It continuously protects us and our body from any internal as well as external invaders.

The immune system’s job is not always visible for the most part; it functions quietly in the background by activating the so-called immune response, fighting infections, toxins and inflammations caused by pathogens like bacteria, parasites and viruses.

To avoid illnesses such as colds and flu, it is therefore very important to ensure that our immune system is strengthened and can respond efficiently.

Poor nutrition, environmental influences and lifestyle choices can weaken or compromise immunity. In a world where new infections such as the COVID 19 Virus are continually cropping up,

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