WACO, TEXAS (FOX 44) — Every year fitness goals are at the top of many new year resolution lists. But what is the key to staying consistent?

Several factors contribute to setting goals for your health and showing up to the gym regularly. Big things like eating a balanced diet and guidance from experts or an accountability partner to keep you committed to your resolutions.

Personal trainer Keenan Alford with Reinforced Fitness shared what he believes helps in the gym and what sometimes goes wrong for people.

“I think the main thing is finding a trainer where you have some accountability. And I also think sometimes people kind of set a goal that’s not achievable in the beginning stages of your fitness level.”

Alford says consistency allows the time for your body to accommodate the actions and things that are happening. Many people tend to grow impatient and concerned about

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Fitness influencers and Twitter users blasted a TIME interview to portray exercise as an activity with roots in White supremacy.

“How did US exercise trends go from reinforcing white supremacy to celebrating Richard Simmons?” the TIME article, titled “The White Supremacist Origins of Exercise, and 6 Other Surprising Facts about the History of US Physical Fitness,” asked.

The article was heavily mocked on Twitter, with critics saying it was destroying the media’s credibility.


Denise Austin exercising for SlimFast

Denise Austin exercising for SlimFast

“Honestly, I want them to keep pumping articles like this out to eviscerate every remaining shred of their credibility and perceived legitimacy,” British rapper Zuby tweeted. “It doesn’t anger me at all. It’s so goofy I consider it satire.”

Ed Latimore, a former heavyweight boxer, tweeted, “First math was a tool of white supremacy. Now it’s

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A Port Huron Township man was arrested after allegedly filming women in a tanning booth at a local business.

A Port Huron Township man was charged with three felonies after allegedly taking photographs of multiple victims in a tanning booth at the Marysville Viking Fitness.

Corey Normandin, 32, was arranged on Aug. 28 on capturing/distributing an image of an unclothed person, surveillance of an unclothed person, using computers to commit a crime and a habitual offender enhancement, according to court records.

On Aug. 23, the Marysville Police Department received a complaint of a man taking photographs of a person in a tanning booth at the gym. Officers arrived on scene and quickly identified a suspect through witness statements and surveillance videos, according to the Marysville Police Department.

A multi-jurisdictional major crimes task force was ued to assist with the investigation, warrants and obtaining evidence.

On Aug. 25, a search warrant was executed at home in Port Huron Township, where the suspect was taken into custody and evidence was obtained,

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Bilberry is a type of berry that is very similar to blueberries. It is, however, a little darker than blueberries and smaller in size too. It has its origins based in Europe but it is now found in some Asian countries as well. They are also available in North America. Despite their availability in these continents, they are still often referred to as “European Blueberries” in some of these places. Other common names for this fruit include whortleberry and huckleberry.

The name bilberry is derived from the Danish word bollebar, which roughly translated to “dark berry”. Bilberry is used in Europe for a variety of reasons, but mainly for jams, jellies, spreads and sauces. Berries tend to have a short shelf life, and hence jams are made of berries to preserve them for longer. They are also baked into pies for certain occasions. Certain sources also claim that Bilberries are

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Nick Byom has always been involved with personal fitness. He has owned personal fitness businesses in Denver, Colorado and Scottsdale, Arizona. Now he will start his next business; Strength Academy in River Falls.

Located at 661 N. Main St., Strength Academy is a personal fitness gym. The philosophy for the business is simple.

“You stop in, get your workout in and then get on with your life,” Byom said.

Byom and his wife Tara recently moved from Arizona but have roots in the midwest. Tara is from River Falls. The couple decided to move back to the area after experiencing burnout.

Byom saw a need for a personal fitness gym. He researched the area and found no other businesses like Strength Academy exist.

“It’s unique because it’s your one stop shop for personal training. We are a smaller space so you have a personal aspect when you train here,” Byom

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