How do you tell your father that he is your dad?

How do you tell your father that he is your dad?

In the United States alone, over 50% of children from low-income households grow up without their father present. Once they are adults, some people search for that parent they never knew. When you do, you can use an at home paternity test to prove to him you are his son or daughter. It is essential to mention that this type of test has no legal validity, so even if the result is positive, it will not create a legal link to your father. You receive the home DNA testing kit with everything you need to take the samples, which you must then send to the laboratory. You will receive the results after a little while. As it has no legal validity, it is more likely that your alleged father will take the test, although the percentage of men who decide to do so is relatively low.

Why men are afraid of paternity tests

Psychology explains that men are more easily blocked when faced with tense situations. When a man finds out he is a father, ten or twenty years later, he will probably not know what to say and, even worse, he may run away if he has another family. You understand that even if your father knows of your existence, he probably won’t want to meet you, so be prepared to face rejection. If you seek your father, do not do so to ask him why he never took care of you. Some men make terrible mistakes when becoming fathers, so they don’t know how to rectify them afterward. It may also happen that your mother never told your father she was pregnant, so that man will be in for a big surprise when he finds out.

Seek help from a psychologist

Everyone experiences the absence of a father differently. Some grow up thinking their dad is dead, while others feel hatred toward a man who abandoned them. Whatever your situation, specialists recommend you undergo therapy with a psychologist before contacting your father, whom you have not seen since you were a child. If you harbor resentment against him and your father rejects you, that resentment can trigger actions that will cause you problems. Psychologists recommend people take the time to get to know the man who gave them life. It is a crucial moment, full of many emotions and tension. Meeting your father should be a source of joy. If not, wait until you feel ready. Don’t want to meet him? That is also a valid and respectable decision.

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