8 best fishes for weight loss

Losing weight is not an easy journey as it requires months, or sometimes even years and years of effort and work that needs to be put in with complete dedication. Most people try to enroll in a gym, or yoga, pilates, barre, etc classes so they can get regular exercise from professional trainers.

These trainers will often recommend a lifestyle change, that will include a proper sleeping schedule, meditation and brain relaxation, and most importantly, a change in diet. This is because, while our body does start burning calories and fat while exercising, and while there might be immediate results too, having a healthy lifestyle helps in maintaining that weight too. If exercise is not followed up by the rest of these things, your body will not take very long to resist the exercise.

Adequate sleep helps the body to take rest at regular intervals, which is equally important while losing weight. While sleeping too, we end up burning a lot of calories. Sleeping gives the body an opportunity to regain physical strength and to prepare for the next day. Similarly, sound mental health is also important in the wieght loss journey. While regular exercise helps you be mentally fit, mental issues can also sometimes slow down your physical growth and health. In order to maintain a good mental health, regular meditation is required. Engaging in activities you like, which can include listening to music, doing art, painting, drawing, etc. can help boost your endorphins. This leads to a happy and a positive mood which encourages you to workout more often and effectively.

The final and the most important aspect of weight loss, apart from exercising is diet. All of the hardwork you put in exercise can go to the trash if you fail to manage a healthy balanced diet in a day. A healthy diet does not have to be boring or bland, there are many elements that can be incorporated in your regular meals itself to make it more nutritious and healthy. Experts often recommend a high protien diet for weight loss. This diet incudes increasing the number of protein consumed and replacing that with fatty foods. The reason for this is, protein when consumed in higher quantities can increase the production of hormones that help us feel full. This helps us to avoid overeating.

In gyms, trainers might recommend protein powders and shake to consume alongside workouts. These are highly beneficial too, but if you are looking for a natural source of protein, then fishes are an option for you. Fishes are extremely rich in protein and contain low amounts of saturated fats. This is known as ‘lean proteins’. If the food has low amounts of saturated fats, it has less amount of calories.

Fishes that help in weight loss

Fishes also possess a great variety in them. So to help you choose the right fish to eat, here is a list of a few fishes that are high in protein and promote weight loss –

1. Salmon

salmon fish

Salmon may seem like a fish that is filled with fat, not all fats are harmful and need to be completely avoided in order to lose weight. Our body requires certain amounts of fat and oil and salmon is a good source of it. A good, high-quality salmon can simply be prepared with some salt and pepper and would be a good enough protein alternative to your diet. Apart from that, salmon also goes great with rice, in sushi, salads, etc. If the salmon is wild, then it has even higher amounts of protein than non-wild salmon. It is also rich in omega-3 oils and vitamin B.

2. Tuna

tuna fish

Tuna, similar to salmon is filled with high levels of omega-3 oils, that prevent omega-6 oils from clotting in the heart, causing heart issues. It is a great source of protein. In fact, there are many people that follow, what they like to call, a “tuna diet”, which includes high amounts of tuna as a way to consume protein and fats. People following the diet have said that the results of this diet were highly positive, however, it should not be tried without the consultation of a doctor or a dietician. There was a study conducted that suggested that people that consume tuna are more likely to lose weight than people who do not consume tuna as a part of their diet.

3. Halibut


Halibut is a white, meaty fish, that is often referred to as “the fish for people who do not like fish”. Because of its meaty texture, it is heavier to eat than the other fishes. Yet, it is filled with Omega -3 oils, and vitamins B6 and B12. A small serving or halibut covers almost a total of 32% of an individual’s total daily protein requirement. Halibut does not contain any carbs in itself, so it becomes a good keto alternative to meat as well.

4. Cod

cod fish

Cod is another lean protein fish filled with omega-3 fats. It consists of Vitamin B12 which helps with the production of red blood cells. A study has also suggested that people that consumed a diet that included cod lost 1.7kgs more as compared to people that did not include cod in their diets. Cod also includes 20 grams of protein for every 1 gram of fat.

5. Tilapia

tilapia fish

Tilapia is a freshwater fish that is quite popular in West Bengal. It is a freshwater fish that is extremely rich in Vitamin B12. Unlike rohu, tilapia contains less amount of calories, omega-3 fatty acids and saturated fats which makes it one of the top choices of fish that assists you in weight loss. If you are following a weight loss diet, be it keto or anything else, tilapia being low in fats will easily fit in your diet. 

6. Dover Sole fish 

dover sole

Sole is a type of flat fish that belongs to several families. The Dover sole fish also known as the black sole falls under the family Soleidae. It contains EPA and DHA which are considered beneficial fatty acids. Most importantly, the Dover sole fish is very low in fat and calories but rich in protein which makes it a great fish for weight loss. So want a fish to include in your weight loss diet that is low in calories and fat? Dover sole fish is your clear answer here. 

7. Sardines


Sardines are extremely rich in nutrients but are very small fishes that are extremely oily in nature. It contains good amounts of protein, calcium and Vitamin B12 which are extremely required by our body. Being rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, this fish has inflammation-reducing properties. Various studies prove how reducing inflammation can help you to reduce weight. So, yes including sardines in your diet will definitely assist you in your weight loss journey. 

8. Flounder fish 


Flounders are another type of flatfish that are low in calories as well as fats. They are very popular in the United States and Canada because of their amazing taste and nutritive value. They are extensively rich in phosphorous, magnesium and B vitamins which help in lowering risks of developing heart diseases, high blood cholesterol levels, obesity and cancer. Being low in calories and high in protein this fish is another great choice that you can include in your weight loss diet. 


Overall, fishes are foods that help boost your physical health. There are certain minerals and vitamins that are found in fish that are simply not available in any other form of natural food. Many people use fish liver oils to get nutrition from fish, but if fresh fish is available to you, then it is best to cook it and eat that instead of taking supplements.

Fishes are very vast in types, and while there might be a fish for almost everyone, there is a possibility that you may not like it, or have any reactions to it. It is important to not force yourself into eating something that does not sit right with you. It creates an unhealthy relationship with food and causes more harm than good.

Weight loss is also not an easy journey, if it is something you are opting for, it is important to have people to consult and who are there to help you. The biggest key to weight loss is hard work. If you stay focused and work on with dedication, your ideal weight can be obtained easily.


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