Malaika Arora performs ‘danda yoga’, saying it can help reduce belly fat: Watch

It’s no secret that Malaika Arora is a yoga enthusiast. Setting fitness goals on social media, the actor and model is often seen acing difficult yoga poses on the regular. In one of her latest videos, she was seen doing a different kind of yoga, one that involved a prop: a stick.

Taking away the weekly blues, Malaika called it a “fantastic Monday workout” in the caption to a video (also shared by Sarva Yoga Studios), in which she was seen working out with a bamboo stick.

Wearing a lilac colored sports bra and a pair of matching gym pants, the 49-year-old lifted her hands while holding the stick, and stretched her body sideways before coming back to the starting position. She also lifted one of her legs and placed it back on the yoga mat, before assuming a squat position, all the while holding the stick.

Malaika then brought the prop down to her shoulders, holding it behind her head.

Calling it “danda yoga” in the caption — ‘danda‘ meaning stick — the actor wrote that it is “one of [her] favorite forms of yoga”. She also shared its benefits:

– It’s a fabulous workout to reduce belly fatespecially around your waist.
– It gives a great stretch to the muscles of the arms, legs and spine.
– It relaxes the body thoroughly.

“This week, try adding a prop to your workout, something as simple as a bottle of water or a towels. It will enhance your workout…” the caption further stated.

According to, danda yoga also “regulates the flow of breath in nostrils”, which helps to achieve “optimum energy flow in the body”. There are many variations and varieties of asanas that can be done with it, like the one done by Malaika in the video.

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