New owner of Lincoln Anytime Fitness gyms has ‘no idea’ why they closed

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – After a mysterious and sudden closing, Anytime Fitness locations in Lincoln will reopen just in time for New Year’s resolutions.

In November, Anytime Fitness members were left hanging as all three Lincoln locations closed overnight without warning.

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Now, two of the locations are going to be opening up again.

Blue Star Investments purchased two gyms, near 27th Street and Pine Lake Road and near 70th Street and Pioneers Boulevard.

Meagan Zerr, the director of operations, said the company doesn’t have an explanation for the closures.

“I have no idea. My company owns almost 30 Anytime Fitness gyms, and I’ve never seen this happen to an owner,” Zerr said. “So it must have been a situation that was the only choice.”

Zerr got to work on the 27th Street location for the first time on Tuesday.

She said the gym was left in pretty good condition and won’t take much work to fix up.

“It’s really just plug and play. This gym is beautiful; it’s in really good shape,” she said. “We’ll just have to paint and spackle a little bit and clean up some equipment, and then as long as we have staff, we can just welcome members back.”

The goal is to open the gym by February 2023, but Zerr said it could be sooner.

Zerr said the gym will work on improving its personal training programs, updating equipment and gaining college-age clients.

The gym also hopes it can gain back the trust of its former members.

“The gym is a lot of people’s church. It’s their community, it’s where they come, it’s where they feel safe and happy,” Zerr said. “We really want to welcome anybody back who was a member here before. That’s why there is such an urge to get back open, so we can people work out again.”

However, she knows that many of them may have already found a new gym.

Her request was that they give the new owners a shot.

“Anybody who used to be a member here, come back, check it out. If it’s not a good fit for you, you don’t have to join, but we’d love for you to at least give it a shot and see if it’s a good fit for you,” she said. “I think you’re really going to like the changes we’ve made.”

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