New Years Fitness Resolutions For 2023

WACO, TEXAS (FOX 44) — Every year fitness goals are at the top of many new year resolution lists. But what is the key to staying consistent?

Several factors contribute to setting goals for your health and showing up to the gym regularly. Big things like eating a balanced diet and guidance from experts or an accountability partner to keep you committed to your resolutions.

Personal trainer Keenan Alford with Reinforced Fitness shared what he believes helps in the gym and what sometimes goes wrong for people.

“I think the main thing is finding a trainer where you have some accountability. And I also think sometimes people kind of set a goal that’s not achievable in the beginning stages of your fitness level.”

Alford says consistency allows the time for your body to accommodate the actions and things that are happening. Many people tend to grow impatient and concerned about themselves with getting to the goal, rather than enjoying the journey and process of getting there.

Setting appropriate fitness goals ensures you won’t get easily discouraged from working out when you don’t see immediate results.

So, what are the key things to consider when stepping into a gym?

“First of all, don’t compare yourself to anybody. Second, ask questions like don’t feel, like don’t feel embarrassed like a lot of people have like gym anxiety, but most gym environments are very like camaraderie like they want to help you. Everyone’s there for the same goal, to better themselves,” shared the owner and personal trainer of Build with G, Gigi Cintron.

Cintron encourages you to trust your body and strengthen your mind to believe that your goals are attainable and worth the effort.

Overall, both trainers agree that maintaining a healthy diet full of nutrients, staying consistent, having an accountability partner, doing research and asking questions, and trusting the fitness process and journey, will make a long-lasting difference for your health and ringing in the new year on a positive note.

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