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People should exercise in the morning if they want to reap the best cardiovascular benefits, a study suggests. Image credit: waAleksandarNakic/Getty Images.
  • A new study investigates the potential effect of exercising at different times to prevent cardiovascular disease and stroke.
  • The study finds that people who exercise in the morning achieve the greatest reduction in risk. This is particularly true for women.
  • The best time of day to exercise may be around 11 am according to the study.

Although exercise is always generally good for health, a large new prospective study finds that one particular time of day may offer the greatest benefit when it comes to lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and stroke.

The study found that physical activity in the morning, between 8 and 11 am, had the greatest positive effect on a person’s risk of CVD and stroke compared to activity at

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Health Insurance For ChildrenFirst let us take a look at a partial checklist of preventive care benefits that have to be lined beneath health insurance plans issued on or after 9/23/2010 and made accessible at no cost to the insured. In order for youngsters to be eligible for this low price (or even free depending on family scenario) program they should be youthful than 19 years of age, be uninsured, haven’t cancelled employer medical health insurance up to now six months, are United States citizens or certified non-residents, aren’t dependents of a state employee eligible for household coverage, usually are not in a public establishment, and meet earnings eligibility. But the brand new guidelines are leading some health plans across the nation to stop issuing new youngster-solely protection, the state officials mentioned. He spoke of how his oldest son, Drue, turned identified with Asthma and required 300 dollars value of remedy and because …

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Colds, coughs and aching muscles – flu season is here and don’t we all know it? Well Actually’s external expert, Katrina Cepinova reveals 5 immune boosting tips to see you through this winter and beyond

Our immunity is like our personal army of body guards. It continuously protects us and our body from any internal as well as external invaders.

The immune system’s job is not always visible for the most part; it functions quietly in the background by activating the so-called immune response, fighting infections, toxins and inflammations caused by pathogens like bacteria, parasites and viruses.

To avoid illnesses such as colds and flu, it is therefore very important to ensure that our immune system is strengthened and can respond efficiently.

Poor nutrition, environmental influences and lifestyle choices can weaken or compromise immunity. In a world where new infections such as the COVID 19 Virus are continually cropping up,

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Daios Cove mixes inspiring high-energy fitness, with innovative anti-ageing, plus the occasional ‘wellness’ cocktail. Sign me up, says Sharon Walker

It wasn’t what I’d anticipated from a Greek island holiday. But I am now of an age when I will try almost anything promising to kickstart my metabolism and turn back the clock.

So I donned the woolly hat, gloves and socks – quite a look when you’re wearing a bikini – and stepped shivering into the swirling Arctic mists of the cryotherapy chamber.

I soon understood the need to keep your extremities covered, to avoid losing a toe to frostbite, as I watched the temperature gauge plummet, but when I emerged two minutes later – still in possession a full set of digits – I felt like a new woman.

I had signed up for the full body overhaul, Insight to Wellness package

As high-speed reboots go, it doesn’t

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Amazon Black Friday is here, and if you’ve been eyeing a new smartwatch or fitness tracker, then it’s time to go over some deals. Here’s a list of smartwatch and smartband deals from across Amazon US, Amazon UK and Amazon DE.


Kicking off the smartwatch list is Apple’s top dog – Apple Watch Ultra. Sure it costs a pretty penny/euro cent, but you are getting a proper rugged smartwatch with all the bells and whistles offered by Cupertino, and it’s a few bucks off from its usual price. Apple is not a fan of steep discounts.

Apple Watch Ultra

Next up is the Apple Watch Series 8 Aluminum starting at $449/£509/€569 for the 41mm version (GPS+cellular) while the 45mm is $479/£529/€609. Apple has refined its Watch Series for years, and the eighth iteration brings all the expected health and sports tracking features alongside the new temperature sensor, crash detection

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Will comfort eating put you in a happy & contented mood this winter? Nutritionist Rob Hobson explains how and why comfort food can boost our mood

There is plenty of evidence to show that what we eat is linked to how we feel, but the relationship is sometimes complex.

It has also been shown that many health conditions such as depression, anxiety, insomnia and PMS are affected by mood and that, in some cases addressing what you eat can help manage them.

Mood and food can also be thought of as a two-way street, as either your mood dictates what you eat or what you eat (or don’t eat) influences your mood, which may be due to an insufficient intake of certain nutrients.

What about comfort eating?

Comfort eating is common in the winter as a way of people trying to boost their mood. A recent survey by wellness brand

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This year has brought so many exciting changes – from the launch of the Social Health Network to the inaugural Social Health Awards (previously the WEGO Health Awards).

While the name may have undergone a rebrand, our hope of recognizing and honoring the thousands of patients and caregivers supporting the online health community remains the same. Our patient leaders constantly amaze us through their unique advocacy efforts. Supporting fellow patients and caregivers with the tools they need to be the best version of themselves is worth celebrating!

We are thrilled to recognize so many incredible patient leaders over the years, but what’s even more special is to witness the growth that has taken place within the patient leader community over the past decade. The passion that the thousands of our patient leaders, warriors, survivors, advocates, and influencers have is immeasurable.

We encourage you to check out all of

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The Social Health Awards honor and recognize the efforts of patients and caregivers within their communities and at the industry level.

Our patient leaders constantly amaze us through their unique advocacy efforts. Supporting fellow patients and caregivers with the tools they need to be the best version of themselves is worth celebrating!

Our judges had an incredibly difficult task narrowing down all of these tremendous nominees. To determine the finalists, members of the online health community volunteered their time to sort through nominations to just 60 finalists. From there, our industry judges provided weighted scores to ultimately uncover the Social Health Awards winners.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for…

Rookie of the Year

Jill King

Winner: Jill King

Jill began experiencing chronic pain the month she graduated from high school. Her health continued to decline, and she became blind at 20 years old. Jill found the disabled community and, along
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Pennsylvania voters are split on whether Lt. Gov. John Fetterman’s health is cause for concern after Tuesday night’s debate against Dr. Mehmet Oz.

“It almost made him seem as if he was not even qualified to do the functions of the office,” Jon told Fox News.


Dave says he's not concerned about Democrat John Fetterman's cognitive ability following the debate Oct.  25, 2022. He says he's confident Fetterman's speech will improve.

Dave says he’s not concerned about Democrat John Fetterman’s cognitive ability following the debate Oct. 25, 2022. He says he’s confident Fetterman’s speech will improve.

But Fetterman supporters said they’re confident in the Democrat’s cognitive abilities.

“His speech will get better. His ideas, we know who he is. We know what he stands for,” Dave said. “Doctors have spoken and we feel comfortable.”



Fetterman suffered a stroke earlier this year and repeatedly stumbled over

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