Drake Gets His Sweat on at the Gym with IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Mike Van Wyck

Rap legend Drake has maintained a fit and toned physique his entire career. He has been working under trainer Jonny Roxx for the past few years, combining bodybuilding and cardio with a focus on all-round fitness.

With other stars like Conor McGregor and Chris Hemsworth grabbing the spotlight with their incredibly muscular physiques, Drake looks to be striving for a similar goal. On Tuesday, November 22, he was spotted going through an intense chest workout with IFBB Pro bodybuilder Mike Van Wyck.

Drake Breaks a Sweat with IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Mike Van Wyck

Drake’s latest workout session with van Wyck has created much buzz in the community and among his fans. Mike van Vyck pushed Drizzy’s limits in a sweat-drenched session at the Pure Muscle + Fitness Gym in Burlington, Canada. Together, they went through a series of exercises including the flat dumbbell press, pec deck, and the chest press machine.

Canadian bodybuilder and reputable coach Mike van Wyck has worked with several pros, including Regan Grimes and Antoine Valliant.

Drake posted an Instagram story along with a photo of his workout and wrote:

“Got some work today with the Wycked one, proud of our brother.”

Wyck made the session memorable on Instagram with a simple caption:


The Instagram posts from Wyck and his associates garnered massive attention from the fitness world, with Egyptian bodybuilder Mahmood Al Durrah posing the obvious question:

“What show is he doing?”

Four-time Mr. Olympia champion Jay Cutler, YouTuber Jeff Nippard, Men’s Physique Champion Brandon Hendrickson, and bodybuilder Mike Rashid were among the many to welcome Drake into the bodybuilding community.

What Does Drake’s Training Routine Look Like?

The Voodoo Child is a beast at the gym, and typically trains five days a week. Most of his sessions are centered around cardiovascular fitness, with bodybuilding movements in between.

He usually trains according to the following schedule:

  • Monday: Full body workout
  • Tuesday: Basketball
  • Wednesday: Upper body (focus on back and biceps)
  • Thursday: HIIT
  • Friday: Legs and abs
  • Saturday/Sunday: Light cardio (walking, hiking)

The key exercises that he focuses on for building up his physique include pull-ups, deadlifts, squats, burpees, pushups, bench press, and lateral raises.

Foam-rolling, dynamic stretching, and physiotherapy are also an integral part of his fitness routine. He also works with a choreographer, who keeps him on top of his dance game.

What Does Drake’s Diet Look Like?

The 6 God star follows a balanced diet and goes easy on the carbs. He avoids refined carbs, including his favorite—Italian food.

The 6 ft, 195 lb superstar typically has four meals a day and focuses on consuming a high-protein source with every meal. Chicken, lean beef, fish, eggs, and protein shakes are his preferred sources for quality protein. He consumes a variety of fruits and vegetables for adequate micronutrients.

van Wyck, on the other hand, was a massive 300 lb bodybuilder during his glory days. His interest in bodybuilding came from his background in football and rugby. He loves cheese pizza and currently works as a personal trainer for athletes apart from running a business venture. He runs a popular YouTube channel, Wycked Training and owns Wycked—an apparel and supplement line.

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