Tracy Moore opens up about representation in fitness: ‘It would be lovely’

Tracy Moore is getting candid about her thoughts on the social media fitness community.  (Photo by Jeremy Chan/Getty Images)

Tracy Moore is getting candid about her thoughts on the social media fitness community. (Photo by Jeremy Chan/Getty Images)

Tracy Moore has some thoughts on the fitness world.

The 47-year-old posted a videos to Instagram on Thursday sharing her thoughts on what she sees online when she looks at fitness content. Taken in her bathroom around 4:30 am, the “Cityline” host explained that she’s learned to be happy with her body, but she’s unhappy the social media fitness community doesn’t reflect other body types.

“When I look at fitness on social media, I don’t see many people who look like me,” she began saying in her video. “I’ve got a belly, I’ve got some thighs — ooh, a rip in my leggings. But exercise for me these days is not so much about being super, super thin. It’s not going to happen. I’m 47 and I’m loving my body the way it is. It’s strong, it’s capable … it does what it needs to do.”

“It would be lovely to see more representation like this everywhere when it comes to fitness. Fitness is about being strong, right?” she continued. “It’s about being flexible, it’s about movement. It’s not so much about looking anatomically perfect.”

The Richmond Hill, Ont. -native continued with a piece of advice for her more than 150,000 followers.

“If you want to do a workout today and you’re thinking to yourself, ‘I don’t belong in the gym, I don’t belong on a treadmill,’ you belong anywhere you want to be,” she said.

In the caption to her post, Moore further explained her message.

“I don’t see my belly and thighs reflected in the social media fitness community. I barely see my body reflected in the daytime television world. It sucks, but I’ve had to deal with it for the past 20 years, so I ‘m good at drowning out the noise now,” she said wrote. “I know I’m fit and my body is truly fantastic in the way it supports me day-to-day. I’m impressed by what it can do.

She continued by saying she’ll consistently workout and “achieve gains,” but her body will still fluctuate.

“Through it all, my workouts will remain,” Moore added. “Fitness will always be the best drug I’ve ever tried. If you never see yourself reflected in a space, try to go do the thing anyway. You can be the thing you want to see.”

Fellow Canadian television personalities and fans were appreciative of Moore’s message in the comments.

“Movement is for everyone,” commented “ET Canada” hosts Cheryl Hickey.

“Exactly what I need to hear today,” penned Canadian entertainment reporter Teri Hart.

“Beautiful, Tracy! You and your words,” one fan sharedalong with three red heart emojis.

“Fitness is about health and not how we are perceived by others,” another chimed in.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Finally someone who is living in the real world! Thank you, Tracy for saying … accept yourself for who you were meant to be!” some one revised.

“The truth is, the pressure on women to look thin is unrealistic and incredibly unhealthy, especially for younger women who haven’t quite found their own inner superwoman,” someone else added. “Keep up the great message!”

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