It is undeniable that exercise can help the body become more fit. This one routine is proven to be able to provide various benefits both in the body.

Starting from shaping body posture, increasing muscle mass, losing weight, to training the respiratory organs.

Not only that, the right exercise can also help improve mood. However, all these benefits can be felt only if you do the right exercise.

The Right Way to Exercise

Although sport has many virtues, its implementation is still often done haphazardly. As a result, what the body receives is not freshness, but prolonged injury. The following are some notes on how to exercise the right way for those of you who want to routinely exercise.

Preparation before exercise
Before doing sports, it is recommended that you make preparations in advance, including:

Heavy food intake

Before doing sports, it is recommended that you prepare your body by eating heavy foods rich in carbohydrates.

Such as rice, potatoes, corn, and tubers. Usually this consumption is done a maximum of 4 hours before the activity is carried out.

Snack intake

In addition to consuming carbohydrates, the body that will exercise also needs to be supplied with other nutrients, such as protein and vitamins.

You can get both of them from consuming the right snacks, such as nuts, wheat, to oats.

Consumption of snacks is recommended an hour after a heavy meal, or 3 hours before exercise begins.

Fruit intake

Another line of intake that can meet the body’s needs in exercising is fruit, which is rich in water, vitamins and fiber.

Choose fruit that tastes sweet, to add energy and energy to exercise.

Generally, fruit consumption is scheduled a maximum of 2 hours before exercising.

Adequate body fluids

Complete body fluids before exercise can help prevent you from losing excess fluids or becoming dehydrated.

Therefore you are asked to drink at least 2 glasses of water before starting the activity.

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